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Shiroku Hakudo The White Flash (WIP) L2_s2_v2
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Shiroku Hakudo The White Flash (WIP)

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Shiroku Hakudo The White Flash (WIP) Empty Shiroku Hakudo The White Flash (WIP)

Post by shirokuhakudo on Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:01 pm



Name: Shiroku Hakudo
Nickname: Well keeper, Lights Death Dealer, Kudo, The White Flash
Age: 450 (looks 26)
Gender: Male
Division: 1st
Rank: Captain Commander


Height: 6.0
Weight: 158
Hair: Long white hair that extends down his back and covers the left half of his face
Eyes: left eye has a scare on it and his eyes are Red with a blue ridge around them
Appearance: Shiroku is tall with a muscular built his long hair goes down to his waist he walks with a look of confidence he is either smiling or his hair hides his face
Clothing: Captains robes that have been torn and old look as if they have been worn for 10 or more years


Personality: Shiroku is a strong willed Captain he hates to be question by squad mates or fellow Captains who question his new training regiment… but he knows not to push to hard and gives each squad member days off he takes days of rest as well. Shiroku wants to protect the Seireitei and the ones he cares about. Shiroku had fast reflexes in battle he stays calm and in control he thinks ahead of his opponent if that doesn’t work he fights on impulse using his enhanced battle reception skills. Shiroku also has a soft spot for saki get him a nice bottle of warm saki and he with love you for life… well his life that is. Shiroku is loyal to his friend and family, if he had any left. He dreams of nothing more then protecting the Seireitei and his friends as well as the Shinigami’s that will take his place when he is done also protecting the Hakudo Clan power that lay a mystery to the Goti 13.

Goals: Protect the Seireitei even if it cost him his life, He’s a captain and a loyal Shinigami but more then that his brother and mother wouldn’t let anything happen to the Seireitei and he couldn’t forgive himself he did.
Fears: Destruction of the Seireitei and the loss of his friends, Its his home and his friends are the only family that Shiroku has left he wants no harm to happen to them

S.O: Straight
Relationship Status: Single


Rukongai Arc
When Shiroku was little he lived in the 45th district in the Rukongai this made hollow attacks happen ever once in a while but thanks to the soul reapers it was peaceful till one day after the soul reapers did there rounds a hollow attacked and killed everyone in the town but Shiroku and his older brother... but when they thought it was all over the hollow saw where his brother had been hiding with a hungry look the hollow attacked him killing him instantly infront of Shiroku. He yelled for his brother, as he hit the ground the hollow ate him. All Shiroku could do was sit there crying wishing it would just end the hollow saw him and attacked him but Shiroku only got the short end of the damage, with a gash on his eye, a soul reaper girl had jumped infront of him to protect him. She laid there covering him as if she was a shield it begain to tare her apart then her squad came to save her and Shiroku... when it was over the girl died on top of him her blood dripped into his eyes changing his soft blue eyes to blood red eyes. That day marked the day that Shiroku begain to hate hollows and protect everyone he ever came in contact with he did it for his brother and the soul reaper girl who died protecting him

Soul Reaper Academy Arc:
Shiroku entered the soul reaper academy at early age, not as young as toshiro Hitsuguya but early enough to rise intrest, at the start Kudo was failing in Kido and swordmanship the writen parts where easy for him but the actually fighting and enchantments of it all where harder for him to grasp. Kudo was laughed at and told he would never become a soul reaper..... despite the odds Kudo kept trying getting faster and strong as the years went by his spritual pressure also shot up getting stronger and stronger and some of the students feared his level of progression...When Kudo gained his Zanpakuto some of the students told the teachers that Kudo should go on to the hollow fighting stage ,hoping he would die fighting them, the teachers agreed to let him go... when Kudo returned eveyone was shocked ad the report said that a flash of light came and Kudo was there alone... hollows and soul reapers dead they assumed the hollows killed the soul reapers from there on people called him Lights Death Dealer... that put fear into the academy rumors of what he did spread like wild fire Kudo told eveyone they got in his way and that the hollows had to die the fact that 15 hollows had attacked was odd he said they must have been tamperd... Soon the second division recruited him and he was loyal to the captains leaving

Captains Arc:
Shiroku became the Commander of the Second Division after gaining his bankai. He had changed from being a cold hearted killer to a warm person he couldn’t wait to prove himself… but soon he felt weak and didn’t find himself strong enough to fight with the other captains so he hid himself from most of them he made friends fast and soon had a new found confidence in who he was Shiroku trained with the other captains and showed that he was loyal with his hard work and longing to protect the ones he had called friends. One day as he trained with a fellow captain we was badly hurt he was out for a couple if hours and when he awoke he felt the weight of his loss heavy on him though he didn’t show it he felt all his confidence in himself leave. Shiroku looked for ways to gain strength but when it came to harming others for his own self gain he couldn’t do it….. Shiroku hid away again he didn’t want to be seen by his friends or his squad mates when he hit his lowest Kagegetsu came to him and told him of the power of the Hakudo clan. Shiroku then trained harder then ever be for be for gaining the power to rip a hole in the fabric of space and time… but he was sucked in to this rip in the dimensions

Deeper well Arc:
When Shiroku came to he was in a large lightly lit room he stood up and looked to his left to find a well in the center of this room. Kagegetsu appeared to him and told him what the well was and that in this place he could gain much stronger… and that 10 years in this world would equal 4 months in the Seireitei . Shiroku stayed in the Deeper well dimension for 10 years the whole time gaining power and even more fire to protect the Seireitei. Shiroku was now a different person then he was in the Seireitei his hair was long, he had new techs and more power and speed, and his Zanpakuto had even changed he looked around at the dusty room that was his prison for the past ten years it was full of memories of training failing and getting better he knew that he was strong equal to the captains if not past them… but that was no longer the point with his time came the clarity of what he fought for and who he was

~Combat Info~

Strengths:His spritual Pressure, His Shunpo, His Kendo
Weaknesses:how long his hair is limits his vision
Combat Style: Hand to hand, with his swords and sometimes backhanded


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