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Traits system (WIP)

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Traits system (WIP) Empty Traits system (WIP)

Post by Kensai on Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:53 pm

Traits System

Here at Bankai Haven we use what we call a traits system in order to ensure everyone can have the same opportunity to grow. Everyone starts off with three general traits and are allowed to distribute them anyway they please. Please place the traits you have in a post directly beneath your character sheet. Traits can be purchased with Fame which is gained through storylines or topics. After you finish a topic or storyline submit it for grading in the grading section and a staff member will determine based on the post quality and length how much Fame to give. It takes 50 fame to purchase a single trait. We encourage roleplaying with other members as solo roleplays will be punished with deducts in fame. If you cannot find another member to rp with you may apply for a narrator in the apply for a narrator section. Now on to the traits system enjoy!

Strength Trait

-With this trait Characters can utilize their massive strength into attacks and dominate foes. The strength traits is divided into three categories which will be listed and explained below.

(1 trait)¤ Beginner- A representation of sheer strength, characters can rival the strength of a bulldozer. They can mould metal with their bare hands, and can snap trees like twigs. Their melee strikes can be compared to cannons, capable of smashing their way through large boulders with ease. It takes several inches of steel to tame their strength.

(2 traits)¤ Expert - This is the range of strength normally only capable of being achieved by giants. Shaping metal becomes a task of ease, whilst forests can be levelled with a few strikes. Their melee attacks at full force are instantly deadly to normal people, and hit with many times the force of a cannon. They can break though several meters of stone or a half a metre of solid steel.

(3 traits)¤ Master - The kind of strength often reserved for tales of legends, mere flexes can send out minor tremors. It is rumoured that they can create complex metal pieces with their fingers alone. Their strikes can demolish entire buildings without effort, whilst they can pierce a meter of steel with just their knuckles.

Speed Trait

-Those with the speed trait outstrip other creatures and can often evade most normal attacks. Their movements are almost imperceptible and they can now utilize speed techniques. Broken into three categories which are explained below.

(1 trait)¤ Beginner-Only the fastest beasts can usually attain these speeds, a remarkable feat by any standard. Their normal actions appear as constant blurs and are hard to perceive with the average set of eyes. They can effectively evade quick blows by normal standards with little effort.

(2 traits)¤ Expert-Individuals with this trait have speed beyond the normal limits of normal beings. Their actions are almost imperceptible by normal standards, with short-range movement almost invisible to the naked human eye. They can basically dodge anything they are aware of that's moving at speeds less than their own.

(3 traits)¤ Master- Blink and they'll have vanished from sight; beings with this level of speed tend to flicker in and out of reality when moving at speed making their movements nearly impossible to follow. Rapid movements with their limbs can give the impression of multiple limbs at times whilst very few blows can be landed on them if spotted. These people can often live after images with their movements.

Spiritual Pressure Trait

-This trait allows beings to truly acess their power and often incorporate them into attacks to deal even more damage. Using their spiritual pressure as a shield is natural to them and their power can cause others to bow before them. Here we will treat spiritual pressure much the same as one would treat stamina.

(1 trait)¤ Beginner-Several blows can be shrugged off, whilst only multiple powerful blows will be acknowledged by these people. Their spiritual pressure can instantly destory lesser hollows and often have abnormal effects on humans. They can seem to go on forever and can use more spiritual techniques than the average person.

(2 traits)¤ Expert[b]-No number of ordinary attacks can harm this person; they cannot even feel any but the mightiest blows. Their spiritual pressure can even make Fukutachiou kneel before them with little to no effort. Theses individuals seem to continue fighting forever and can hold their release far longer than the average person.

[b](3 traits)¤ Master
-It takes several deadly blows to bring down these monsters, who are capable of ignoring almost anything. Their spiritual pressure causes Captain's to sweat and can often knockout seated members of the Gotei 13. Espada numbered 0-3 appear here as well as the captain commander of the Gotei 13.

Spiritual Techniques Trait

-This trait allows users to utilize the art of Kidou, Cero, Ginto, and any other art more effficiently. Their attacks can be devasting even destroying entire buildings with a single cero. They tend not to use their blades so much in battle as they rarely need to draw them.

(1 trait)¤ Beginner- These specialist can use kidou up to the level of forty without incantations. Their skill with kidou is diverse as at this level creating custom kidou is easy work for them. Ceros have the strength of a level forty kidou spell and custom made ceros are obvious to these users. Ginto users can easily use complex attacks and are able to use custom Ginto.

(2 traits)¤ Expert- These experts can use kidou up to level seventy without incantations. Their skill with kidou is diverse and even custom made kidou require no incantation. Ceros have the strength of a level seventy kido spell and the feared Gran Rey Cero can now be used. Ginto are now powerful enough to match cero's and kidou and can be much more diverse and foreign.

(3 traits) ¤Master- These are truly masters of the art kidou up to level ninety require no incantation at all. No one can match these masters in the art of kidou and their own custom made kidou are often devasting. Ceros now have the strength of a level ninety kidou spell and can be fired instanteously from any part of the body Cero Obscuras are allowed at this level. Ginto are so complex people often cannot understand them completely at all.

Zangetsu Trait

-Your mastery of this trait determines how accurately you can weild your, doll, bow, Zanpaktou, or ressurrección. This trait is essential to those who want to achieve bankai and as a default they must go in order. This means they must go 1 trait for beginner, then 2 traits for Expert and finally 3 traits for Master. In the end they would've spent a total of 6 traits in order to max out this trait. Sorry for any inconvience, but this is put in place so people can't go and put 3 traits in zangetsu and go around trolling people as a newbie.

(1 trait)¤ Beginner- Those with this trait can call out the name of their Zanpaktou and release it's shikia. Dolls and bows are able to be used at this level as well. Arrancar will gain what we call an innate ability which is an ability they can use without having to actually release their ressurrección.

(2 Traits)¤ Expert- Those with this trait can now release the second form of their doll/bow and now active Bankai and master it. Arrancar are now able to use their ressurrección and gain all the benfits therof.

(3 Traits)¤ Master- Those with this trait can now release what we call the ultimate form of their bankai, doll, bow, and arrancar can achieve segunda etapa. This power is comparable to Ichigo's Final Getsuga Teshou after using this the user must go a total of one full realtime weak with only their first release of their zanpaktou, doll, or bow. Arrancar are left with their innate ability.


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