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Kaguya, Jojo

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Kaguya, Jojo Empty Kaguya, Jojo

Post by Jojo Kaguya on Tue Dec 27, 2011 2:35 am

Shinigami Template

Kaguya, Jojo BleachSPcom021_Wall_1024x768

Basic Information

Name: Jojo Kaguya
Age: 23
True Age: 236
Sex: Female
Personality: Following a twelve point code of conduct she normally can only see the result and the distance between can only be used by certain paths. The code deals with obedience and trust but also the bravery and friendly help she can give to people. It may just be these traits that bring about her flaws as well as her reasonably awkward zan. She is a healer of not just wounds but the mind as well. Personally she sees conflict as not a problem but a good criticism theory that dockets ones opinion into the massive pool of civilization.

She however feels strongly about many things as such to the degree of knocking herself out time and time so she doesn't attempt murdering the agitation. One is the freeloader. This kind of person whom uses up resources and gives nothing back deserves nothing but due to her duties she is more often than not forced to reconcile with this. Third is the petty crimes that humans do to each just to make mincemeat for their next meal. She has changed many times but yes she does have some small fluke about her that can't be fixed until of late in years and experience.

Some of Jojo's worst topics of discussion insist on destroying others. War is never her favorite option as she despises such measures as she would merely fight to end it as soon as possible. She likes to cave, swim, hike, and kiss. That would be the oddest bit of her is that she will kiss the most random people that could be seen. Even though she swears she is strait and only likes guys she will kiss girls at random.

She has only this one persona that can not do much with aside from defend. She is the absolute defense in this. She lives to protect human life but not to follow its standards of living. She is often seen as a heretic or pessimistic and at times a masochist. She is many things while living the life to protect those she can not stand to see harmed.

Jojo does not appreciate harsh amounts of tone and anger with people being short to her. Short as in angry, questioning, etc. She is flawed in the aspect that she has personally hated her family and due to this has made them pay the final price. This still haunts her in her nightmares so another thing she does not like is nightmares either. One thing she will never get to accept is persons whom kill without question or motive.

She has trained more than her physical self these past few years. Her training exceeded even the highest of expectations of her own self. She has learned much and that shows her dedication to her life's goal. Her life goal being the protectionist of the Seretei. To become an "angel of the night" in a sense. With this dream she can protect anyone within her site and that is what leads her on.

Now with that aside, Jojo has plotted her life's course to be what can be equivalent to a legacy. To live the legacy of those who died under her un-knowledge-able hand while she was dead. By getting into her way they died at the hands of the Hollows and for that she must live their lives and dreams for them. Carrying more burdens upon her shoulders as they are resembled by the jade necklace around her neck. This would help her to the best of abilities within her dreams and goals. Manipulating herself to the fullest extent.

Though ostracized by her peers for having a Kido base zanpakuto she hides it regularly and now no one but her lieutenant knows as to what her zanpakuto's truest capabilities can do. Having it go so far she mostly uses the spear and with a physical technique it hides her main attribute nicely. Jojo hates to hide her true power but it does help out her with fights as she now relies on physical strength just as much as her spiritual pressure. Her usage of the kido based zanpakuto has helped all her squad in the past but with the new squads she hardly knows any of them and none of them know her zanpakuto's true strength.
  • Shuri Takasugi
  • Surprise: It is one of the many things she likes to happen, though she doesn't appreciate being the target to it she likes being the one to advocate it.
  • Ice: She has always found calm when around ice made things and would die with ice if her decision was such but she also sees the beauty behind the frozen water.
  • Graveyards for they hold ancestral history and other enjoyable histories that she loves to know she remembers.
  • Practice: Loving the one thing she knows is her most futile weak point. She knows her attempts at face to face battles is an immediate danger until she trains effectively.
  • Caves: It is just a place on earth and on the out reaches of the Rukongai but she loves the cool damp atmosphere to which only ice can compare.
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Unpredictability
  • A fight that can last longer than Jojo has time for.
  • Being late: Who doesn't like pissing off the authority with being tardy and late.

Fears: Blood sucking things are her main fears. Bats, spiders, vampires: anything that sucks blood she wants to steer clear of or kill. Of course this came when she was alone in a cave young in human life and there was always a bat somewhere that would bite her. She carried this fear even in the afterlife when finding a cave in the rukongai that was bat infested. She had a tough time with that along but now she has a sword that gladly takes out such enemies.

Character Appearance

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 120 lbs
Physical Traits & Clothing: Jojo has a thin smooth face with soft skin. The skin is elegantly smoothed out and not completely horrid with the age that Jojo has. The single pink colored scar that runs down the edge of her temple and down towards her neck revolves around a story. Coincidentally at the time the scar was used and formed she had only been a normal soul and not a soul reaper. Later on that same scar attracted the attention of that same soul reaper who gave it.

Jojo's cheeks are average in muscle tone and confined skin. Following the cheeks and the scar will both display the way her cheeks can blush at different times. When blushing the cheeks will revolve to show lightened shades of red and darkened shades of pink. Making her cheeks reveal more to a story than she would like. The cheeks would normally be a flushed expression'd color that is not seen very often in a normal person, then again Jojo has never been a normal person.

The soul reaper's lips are plush with the girl's light shade of pink. Normally lined upwards with a smile that can be defined as demonic care. Demonic care for punishment can arise even when one is smiling and as such this is an instance where she always smiles like that. Yet when not smiling and in the office her bored expression is just the strait line that doesn't curve up nor down at all. When frowning this can only be seen as a disappointed look from one of such charismatic fortitude.

Jojo's eyes are keen with gold tints. Though her pupils are oddly large for dilation as far as the science is concerned. A darkening of the pupils colors can be equally frightening when seen as the anger fills in her face. Jojo's eyes are covered in the purple bag's hue as they are seen to completely show that she is not a day person. Her eyes are only the beginning though when she decides to actually sleep in the night and go out in the day because you can barely see her pupils at all.

Jojo's hair is green and straitened out to a nice glistening form. Her hair goes strait down to her butt detailing that it is long. Her hair has naturally been cut only once. Also having been treated plenty of times with small time trims here and there. Her green hair is unnatural on many occasions by color alone. Only when called in for meeting one of the four high clan houses will she put her hair up in a bun and decorate it with feathers in a traditional native american fashion.

Her figure is very feminine in admiration to most boy fantasies. Her breast are over average with the bulbous size of D-cup. Her thin gut line comes from her small weight and tall height. She has long shaved legs that remain that way due to the painful waxing. Her skin tone is naturally tanned white to which you'd see of the Native American skin tone. The skin complexion in general is equal to that of a mother's.

Through this, her figure is seen as a beauty that can not be taken or had. She wears the captain cloak of Squad ?? and the custom Shinigami gown regularly. Unless she is visiting a formal occasion she goes without much else to use for other types of clothing. Jojo's family scroll is always located to be tied to her left hip by some green threads. This being the average and everyday appearance she has used and will always use. She also wears her zanpakuto along her back in an upside down fashion.

Her custom shinigami gown decoratively reveals her tattoo along her back only when her captain haori is off. The gown is sleeveless however much like her haori so either way it is alright to assume that she doesn't care much for showing off her arms. Along with this are the marks that look like blackened burns along her arms that could most likely be called from melted chains. Though this is just a sign of what her bankai does and indeed it is simply just a tattoo along each arm that matching burn marks in looks but not texture since her skin is still just as smooth.

Jojo has a few scars here and there and those include the tattoo marking across her back as well. She has the scar that looks like a pitchfork over her heart having been made during her first run in with a hollow. She also has a crimson dragon tattoo on her back facing upward. The dragon covers most of her back with its wings and tail. The dragon was made from blood ink that has long past dried over.
  • Zanpakuto
  • Scroll of a family portrait

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: When fighting someone lower than herself she will primarily use either kido and/or her sealed zanpakuto. Rarely will she release the shikai phase just to get through to the opponent and call up the next one. Not only that but her fighting style matches somewhat with batto-jutsu (Rurouni Kenshin Reference) where high speed movements match that of one handed sword style. She uses no incantations for those of lower fighting ability than herself just to lower the ability of the kido for them. It is primarily a sign of pity that she will use to allow the fight to begin with interest. She does fight differently for higher persons though.

For those who are of a middle ground and still seeming potentially weak to her she will not release full bankai but her shikai is activated to potentially killing force. The fighting style of this is mostly spear head combat where her spear is the guide to ultimately taking down the opponent. She will rarely use kido except bakudo and still show pity to those of this realm with insults and weaker styled techniques. All in doing so to force the combat out of her opponent. She still uses the Batto-jutsu style but also applies gotetsu (Another Rurouni Kenshin Reference) where the blade is formatted above her head and focuses on the thrusting forward aspect using leg strength.

Lastly is how she confronts those of equal level or higher ranking. She doesn't show pity or mercy and will give it her all but no where near the beginning. She starts slow and irritating the enemy is the priority to where drawn out fights are the best for her and only get worst for her opponent. She primarily is one to use the chain style (God of War reference) to where she uses crushing blows with added velocity to make a more powerful killing blow. Utilizing kido to match potential with later and double incantations also provides great use in her fights with higher and equal classes.

When in the unreleased state her sword is mostly of an aerobic nature. The nature of aerobics are best and most fitting for her own persona while the blades gladly induce a grande performance. Jojo does multiple jumps and flips as she merges quick step movements of the Batto-jutsu style with the jumping and twisting of the karate style named Shota-Kon Karate. The main attacks she does are rabid and not always seeing as to the large scale plan. She depends on the geography mostly and when seeing it there she will take charge to attack the best possible moment.

When in her shikai she uses the spear most. Having to keep appearances and using her physical attacks most she balances it most and attacks with great efficiency whether draining or not. The overall uptake of the attacks she does are the same as the aerobic styled though with a spear instead. Mainly used to block incoming attacks the spear itself does grant her the possibly of grand effective attacks. Fifty Strikes in itself uses stamina extensible but she will savoir her foe and not whip out a technique until properly timed.

Whenever she needs, and that is indeed only when she needs, to release her bankai she will release the largest burst of spiritual pressure possible with her abilities. The wave itself depicting that it in itself is highly exponential and diagnosed with that being a grand attack. Though releases spiritual pressure for her is only a good deception among other things in the realm. She uses bankai in forms of big sweeping attack phases that focus on mid to close range combat while also using speed as a key attack component. Using what she knows to help fuel the attack to all potentials and fields.

Zanpakuto & Kidou

Overall Ability: Azami, Jojo's zanpakuto, is classified as an explosive type zanpakuto. Requiring deception and trapping someone. This zanpakuto is primarily close combat till using a bomb to which she may use the explosive. Each explosive is classified as a different form of 'C'. Each C is of a different destructive power. C1 would be classified as the weakest while C5 is largest.

Trapping the bombs made in a veil of nothing that hides its reiatsu while Jojo leads the enemy into it or throws the enemy into one. Bombs can range from different sizes and following that may be placed in different forms and areas: such as the walls, bodies, and the ground. These bombs however release a certain sound frequency that lessons with the destructive properties of each one.
    C1: Level 15 hadou force
    C2: Level 35 Hadou force
    C3: Level 50 Hadou force
    C4: Level 70 Hadou force
    C5: Level 95 Hadou force

Sealed Appearance: The sealed form of Jojo Shey’s Zanpakuto is that of a souba katana. This katana is sheathed in a black sheath with a red ribbon connecting it to her hip’s double sheath connection. The sword attached is kept nicely but the most abnormal of it is the way her Zanpakuto’s hilt is shaded and shaped. With a completely white clothed hilt that extends to two golden blades the hilt guard is shaped like a rapier’s from the medieval era.

The blade is a Souba Katana which means it has two katana edges extending parallel to each other with half an inch in between the blades while both face on direction. The blade’s length is fifty seven inches in length and the hilt is seven inches in length to be held on hand or double handed. The blade edge is sharp enough to be able to cut through the toughest of materials including Seki Seki. The sword looks worn as though it has seen many battles while the scabbard is ashed wood. This Zanpakuto is about eight pounds total.
Spirit’s Name: Azami
Spirit’s Manifestation: A spirit named Azami who is a goddess looking being. She has golden hair but her pale white skin has astonishing features. Her eyes are golden with no pupils and her lips are icy blue. Her fingers look as if she has frost bite yet they glow and are filled with radiating heat. Azami wears a two piece bikini colored dark blue where as her long blue hair is put into Egyptian style braids.

She herself is a brutal and unforgiving teacher. She will do what it takes to push Jojo till she breaks under the pressure. Her intentions are originally meant to only teach ways of defense but when Jojo starts to have nightmares of her past she must harden on Jojo with a freezing and unforgiving attitude no matter what it takes. This reflects by Azami instantaneously going to Jojo’s dream world then intruding in to get her to think of training instead of the nightmare. Azami hates it when her mistress is like this, so confused with nightmares, that she will do what it takes to bring her out of the night of dreams and into the ice world of the Zanpakuto.
Inner World: The inner world is a black world with no light but the filmy sunlight that pokes through the snowing clouds. The landscape is a frozen desert that pokes out as sand but the sand is actually snow. There is also just one platform in the area that levitates over all the land made of ice and is an arena where Azami teaches Jojo. There is a single hut near the northern edge of the fortress that also serves the purpose of guarding the catacombs underneath. There are only three dead trees on the surface and then a small frozen flower garden outside the hut.

This place is accessed in her dreams as she will train with Azami day in and day out here. The reasoning for such an odd place for her area is because it is the opposite of her average persona. Now unknown to all but Azami is that in this area are a cave/ labyrinth made of thick molten rock underneath all the ice. This allows the heat of the area but unexpectedly is that afterwards this soon melts the ground once in a blue moon (aka: when Jojo is not herself.). This area is constantly snowing with the condensation surprisingly not with rain due to the source of heat in the area.
Kidou: Wait until initial approval.


Call Out Command: Kasva: Azami (Grow: Flower of a Thistle)
Appearance: Jojo's unreleased blade shortens in size incredibly. Making itself into a brutal weapon forged to look like that of assassins. Azami's blade with ball and chain is a hybrid design compared to most sickle and chain weaponry. Part chain-sickle weapon, part kyoketsu shoge (dagger with chain, hook and ring), and part modern fighting knife; the result is a close quarters weapon which offers the wielder multiple attack methods. A truly unique fighting style is needed to use such a weapon. The style usually consisting of acrobatics while also necessary planning to take on a foe's arms and legs into consideration.

The stainless steel guard may deflect blows while allowing for an extra firm grip of the black, cord wrapped handle. Stretching 11.5 in. overall, not including ball and chain, this dagger features a ceremonial stainless steel saber style blade with hook at base. The stainless ball and chain allow for crushing blows, at ranges both near and far, as well as the ability to entrap enemy weapons or hands. This weapon forms the perfect balance to being able to ensnare and tangle up an enemy. The overall range of this blade by extending full chain length is approximately 12 feet.
Abilities: The abilities of Shikai can only create C1 to C4 explosive grade weapon techniques. This ability allows Jojo to create bombs into the spot that she cuts. The area can be anything tangible (bodies, ground, walls, objects) but it can not be that of the reiatsu based weaponry (cero, kidou, etc) or the air. The cut requires reiatsu to be channeled into the spot that is cut and then forms the bomb. The reiatsu forms around the blade for only a few seconds giving Jojo the stealth needed for her techniques.

The bombs are made up of reiatsu that solidifies into a small to large grade item. This reiatsu is a different color for the grade of bomb it is. C1 releases a high pitch noise that dogs can't hear and is colored green. C2 releases a pitch where hollows with advanced sensory can hear but the dog equivalent can't hear; the coloring red for the C2 bomb. C3 releases a mediocre noise where the heightened animal sense can hear it while the color is orange. C4 has a deeper sound to where humans may hear it and the color is pink.

The chain is used to capture an enemy while the chain has absolutely no ability but a technique that helps capture. This chain can do something to where it tightens its grip on something it captures like a constriction of something. Like a python the constrictions occur once something is captured in the chain.


New Name:
Lypsä ulos ohdake (To milk out the thistle)
Appearance: Jojo is to slash at the space in front of her and as she does this a wringing sound occurs upon her releasing her bankai. This ringing sound sounds like the ding of a bell to an office building that rings once for every person brought into the building. The building will grow tube like at first and then rooms, walls, stairs,etc. will all emerge out of the pillars of it within seconds. Each room will trap a person inside while Jojo is transferred to an individual room with a wall to wall screen.

The screen shows every person's location as well as the bombs placed everywhere within. While inside this room, which is the epicenter of the entire bankai, she may move rooms around into different hall ways and from those create an endless pathway to different areas. Upon calling out her bankai Jojo's appearance changes to cold blue hair, soft purple lips, golden skin, and pure red eyes.

Upon entry into her bankai there is only one way out and that is through the epicenter, unless one is of a high enough level to where he/she bursts through the walls from the inside and to the outside. Upon reaching the epicenter the room grows to a large arena that almost seems as though it is just as large as the bankai's original form. The building's schematics is 5 stories high (Equivalent to 60 feet), and 1000 feet across in area (100 ft X 100 ft). There is no set number of rooms and corridors except set by the number of those who entered the zone.
Abilities: Bankai is the summoning of a large oblong office building. This building features a large catacomb feel while there are no windows and the rooms are all spread apart by being connected to different corridors. The basis of these rooms and corridors all spread out and link together while just one room, otherwise known as the arena, is located in the epicenter while also being the control room to where a view screen shows Jojo where bombs are hidden and where each person is inside of her bankai.

The bankai allows Jojo to utilize all the bombs of the shikai while also performing the C5 bomb. The C5 has the slowest of sounds that anything but the deaf can hear, while this color is a pure silver. The bankai randomizes the spot that has the bomb inside the human body (Roll of the dice tells where it is. 1: a leg, 2: an arm, 3: right shoulder, 4: the gut, 5: the chest cavity, 6: the brain). Although this C5 bomb doesn't harm any of the body intentionally the person must intentionally attempt to harm the owner of the bankai or someone stuck inside the bankai. The C5 bomb, if detonated, will only have enough energy to blow up what ever it is held in. If the head then it will blow up a large enough explosion to where only the head is gone. If the chest cavity explodes then same thing applies to where it is only big enough to blow up that piece.

Now upon getting out of or in the bankai there are 20 C5 explosives surrounding the bankai area with radius to where they sense spiritual pressure. This explosion is huge and will destroy almost anything. The radius of each explosive is 500 meters a piece. The bomb will explode into where it will fill that radius plus half (250 meters) with explosion. That explosion is fatal but won't trigger any of the other explosives of C5 power.

Each room has a C3 bomb in the center and C1 bombs on the other side of doors. While each room is the size of an average thirty person capacity school room. The cooridors can have many to none explosives of only the C2 capability. These C2 bombs may be generated at will by Jojo but only 50 feet away from the target. Any closer and it will appear to Azami that Jojo is trying to endanger her foes thus destroying the bomb inside Jojo's body.


¬Name: Constricting Spine

¬Level: Shikai

    ¬Offense: Yes
    ¬Defense: No
    ¬Affliction: No
    ¬Augmentation: No

¬Effect: Allowing the chain to strengthen it's grip around what it constricts while also releasing small spikes that dig into the opponent the more they move around. These spikes are cone shaped with two centimeters radius. They can grow forever though they grow an inch per struggle/movement.

Range: 5 feet
Duration/Post Usage: 5 posts
Preparation: Instant
Cool Down: 7

¬Name: Bleed-out Disaster

¬Level: Shikai

    ¬Offense: Yes
    ¬Defense: No
    ¬Affliction: Yes
    ¬Augmentation: No

¬Effect: By cutting her left wrist Jojo is able to throw her blade up into the air. Upon doing so she will keep hold of the chain and channel her reiatsu through it to where she sends out multiple arrows (each one being that of a C3 bomb equivalence). These arrows fire rapidly and in unpredictable movements all around Jojo. Jojo is the epicenter and is untouchable by the arrows, unless she moves from that initial position. Upon moving she risks being hit by the arrows. The complete range is a fifteen foot radius of Jojo and the arrow count is 200. Upon the arrow hitting a body; the arrow will sink into the body and then explode inside that body the next post. The explosion is only enough to destroy the target and is not at all possible to destroy the outside area of the body.

Range: 15 foot radius
Duration/Post Usage: Instant
Preparation: Instant
Cool Down: 10

¬Name: Rain from the Heavens

¬Level: Bankai

    ¬Offense: Yes
    ¬Defense: No
    ¬Affliction: No
    ¬Augmentation: No

¬Effect: While inside the bankai Jojo can cause it to begin raining inside any room she pleases. Though this rain is not the kind you would find any other time. This rain has the power of a C1 bomb and Jojo may be harmed by it if in the same room as the rain. Due to the possibility of not being harmed she doesn't inhibit herself to be killed by her own bankai.

Range: Rooms only
Duration/Post Usage: Instant
Preparation: 1
Cool Down: 4

¬Name: Room of No Rules

¬Level: Bankai

    ¬Offense: No
    ¬Defense: No
    ¬Affliction: Yes
    ¬Augmentation: Yes

¬Effect: The "room of no rules" can be made by Jojo to which she can allow two enemies to end up in the same room to where her voice says one must kill the other before passing on to the next room. This is the only room she may control completely and it is also the only bombless room though once leaving the room the bomb in your body reactivates and the rules surrounding it does as well. Jojo can not set foot into this room so there for that room can be a semi-safe haven of all bombs till someone leaves.

Range: Anywhere inside the bankai
Duration/Post Usage: Until escape is made
Preparation: Instant
Cool Down: 12

¬Name: Pendulum Mayhem

¬Level: Bankai

    ¬Offense: Yes
    ¬Defense: No
    ¬Affliction: Yes
    ¬Augmentation: No

¬Effect: A trap from the horror movies this allows for 6 pendulums to forms and swing in alternative and diverse patterns that one must clear all along the way because these Pendulums all circulate and follow the opponent as they swing with speed. Each one may be blown up if touched with force of an C4 bomb. These have the explosive radius of the ten feet.

Range: Corridors only.
Duration/Post Usage: 3
Preparation: Instant
Cool Down: 8

Drop Off


[Youngling arc]
Born unto the low class of the samurai families during the Edo era Jojo Kaguya was raised to become a painter and a seamstress. But while doing some of her earliest paintings she caught up with her older brothers using sticks to attack each other, the art of kendo. Ever since that moment she had delved into the ancient arts of sword play during the youngest stages of her childhood. At age five she could hold a wakizachi but also paint with such vivid expression unlike most 5 year olds today.

At seven she began to learn from sight and repetition of her father's sword play. He had to leave the countryside they lived on to fight in a brutal war. He would never return as did all of the other fathers of the families as well as sons. The whole town would become women only but also one of incredible spiritual ties due to the ties to the sword of the fathers brought back. Each was a seppuku blade showing the taking of one's own life to live with their defeat in the next life.

[Teen arc]
Now at thirteen she would wield the katana, though blunted, and start to train and fight on her own in the mornings like her father had with a unique amount of girls all doing the same who had all lost someone in the war. Though these specific warriors would practice with a secondary weapon, the battle fan. A single hand metal fan that can catching blades and rip them from the hands of the opponent if done right. Jojo's best friend would use and master this skill soon enough. Jojo though preferred the katana and the side arm wakazachi.

During this time she had found love but it was short lived. She was blinded at seventeen by such feelings that she was utterly wanting him. Though when that blissful night passed she found nothing left for either of them. He was gone and she was tired and drawn to be haphazardly nothing more than a young girl who had hurt pride and heart. The boy was found dead in the creek a month later having nothing left of his pitiful life left.

Two years later would be her last year of life as she would fend off against raiders attacking the village, to rape and enslave the women village. The unique group of girls became known as "The Harp." They wore basic white robes but out of the twenty dedicated woman that fought off the raiders only one was killed while the rest of the village burned, were ravaged, killed, enslaved, or fled. All of these happened while Jojo was the first to die of a poison emission they set off in the incense of the village shrine and every outpost.

[Soul Arc]
Now Jojo's life was her own in a way. She was free to do as she pleased with one rule: Don't attract the Hollows. She was someone who did indeed attract them however for reasons unknown at the time, though by any experienced person it was because it was her reiatsu quality. She had no control over it and as such she was a target by many of these Hollows. The Hollows showed little to no mercy as they killed off her friends and family. The freedom she had was no longer hers.

She was subject to a torturous pain however. This pain was one that she didn't enjoy when she finally was caught by a Hollow. She had cried out for such help but none came till she was literally seconds from death. The arm of that hollow flew off but the blood had smeared all over Jojo. That was the pain from that blood that had felt like acid itself was splayed all over her. The Hollow had died along with that shinigami.

Several years passed and she had been visited by a shinigami and given a new life in the soul society. Though completely different from the life in her human life. She had a poor life when human but come to the soul society she was in the middle class higher class or the rukongai west district. It was here she learned medicines and even showed off the ability of gathering spiritual energy inside the palm of her hand for a small amount of time. It was also here she was picked up and then given a life in the soul society.

[ Lesser Shinigami Arc]
Her years at the school itself was averagely great. She was well performed in most arts except the offensive/defensive kidou spells and hand to hand combat. Speed, precision, time management, sword ability, and being calm under pressure was always something she was good at while her zanpakuto in the academy slowly adapted to her through out the years. During the third year and a special operation used for seeing applicable contestants for the medical corp she showed grande promise with much area to improve.

She would train explicitely on her control and healing ability but even that was short lived. Her abilities were shifted and she would now focus ideally on the fighting aspect. She had wanted nothing more than to be within the medical corp but her abilities to which perform certain fighting were found more revealing than that of her healing ability. Due to this her presence was upper in line of rank but also became much better due to an initial increase in her training regiment.

For the next four years she would train to learn the matters at hand such as reiatsu control, kido, advanced attacks, and the fighting styles necessary. She would eventually graduate moderate but higher than the average. Ten years later, she is now 69 total years of age (due to being found young in both soul society and the human world additionally the 7 years of soul academy), she would have begun her shikai training. Her zanpakuto's appearance is a souba katana by design and is one of the nastiest cuts to mend without using kidou. The same style of sword that killed her though she knew not of it.

[Shikai Arc]
Strictly out of the academy and knowing that her only place for the gotei would be squad 11 she would merely go to the human world. She used her prowess there extensively and even found way to become knowledgeable with techniques that primarily would never have been used by her in the past. She taught all of this to herself and even more. Living as a seamstress in an aged gigai she would make a good profit with human money though it had little expense in the after life. Her life was fairly good there.

Eventually her zanpakuto began to call for her and after a month of questioning and trying to figure out what it was she was drawn within the zanpakuto's realm and from there they had the fight of their lives. She personally enjoyed it with the new and improved spear that so happily contained such grand conductivity. She knew from right off that the spear was gonna be susceptible to lightning and due to that she became a night time soul reaper. Though her shop remained open during the day for those day walking humans. Spending every night to fully master the arts of her shikai she designed it well enough.

Having a good share of fights between herself and those of the opposition she found to almost be comical as she kept her abilities hidden from the soul society but they all knew of the physical manifestation of her shikai. Azami and herself began to form a close bond equivelent to that of mentor and student in many senses of the name. She would without doubt find ways to keep her zanpakuto safe but as such some of that dream changed by the letter Jojo received from central 46.

[Bankai Arc]
She would spend many years working and perfecting her technique of this Bankai that residually reflected and deflected her. She would follow up with the next years following commands and orders while also moving up in the rank system of the eleventh squad. She would find a way to supplement and eventually use to her advantage as she would flow through the system like a white blood cell searching for a virus to eat she would fully embody her powerful abilities. Working to perfect her weakness while annoying people with her tea satchel and the use of it to poor tea to others or herself.

To fulfill her life at a better speed than before she became the Captain from a short sighted examination. To her knowledge there was no captain any longer and her being a mere soul reaper with a reputation at the time no one else was better suited for the job. She had become the Captain not of choice but also she never complained nor refused. She was after all known for grand fighting capabilities with her zanpakuto and her kidou showed great ability with that in itself.
Side Notes: n/a
RP Sample: Jojo had awoken that day in a blissful rest. She had already known what the mission entailed but she didn't like it all the same. She was to clean up and help around a chicken farm owned by Mr. Watson the local butcher. She would be doing plenty of things to keep herself out of trouble but for now it only mattered on her list what she had to do so far. By just waking up she did her morning stuff first which was taking a bath, coming her hair, brushing her teath, the works. After doing these she would put on her white clothing that had locks and buckles all over it on.

She was a grunt of sorts and for that she would do what she believed was needed and that was revisiting the basics and what is more basic than a chicken mission? She didn't live too far away from such a place as Mr. Watson's but it did entail quite a bit of running and climbing since he lived atop a mesa or better known as a butte land mass. She would however climb up it and with her ability to be like a monkey at times she continued to climb without reserve. She hated the way that she did this though. Due to the plenty of dead snakes littering in the climb she had to go the long way but she wasn't late.

Mr. Watson was outside waiting with an ax in hand and a bucket. "Ya know how to do this I presume." He had said in his raspy tone without and kind of delicacy as he held out the two things and then turned, "I want my lunch and dinner to be two separate chickens that are aged properly. Don't get any funny ideas since I am not gonna feed ya any of it either. If you steal any then you are gonna be paying the village fee," He then left laughing to himself in the indecent tone she knew too well. None the less she would put on some gloves and start to work like a farmer.

Mr. Watson's farm consisted of the chicken coop, the garden, and the field of cattle with a single barn of horses. She knew she would have quite a bit of work but that was fine for her as she would sigh and plan out what to do first as the day began to heat up extraneously. She didn't enjoy the idea of the heat rising but it was what she'd have to deal with perhaps. She would decide to do the garden last and work on the shoveling of manure first. She knew where he kept shovels and would go out to get one of the scoop shovels and get to work.

She would head into the barn and notice something not there before which was such a high pile of the manure being turned into a compost pile. It struck her odd that he would do this but that was fine as she would soon get to it and work on the appropriate land fill areas. Scooping it and then putting it on the compost pile as she sun began to rise higher and so did the heat to match it as she was burning up but not as much as if she were in that sun as she would have to be soon enough. She would however continue her work and fulfill the duties that entailed this mission.

Once finished with the scooping of manure she would work on the chicken's and grab all the eggs first putting them in a basket and then pushing that into the storage room she had noticed for all eggs as she would then put feed all over outside the chicken coop so that she could see which chicken was the better one to do. She looked and watched as the chickens filed out and began pecking at the food as she would eventually see the perfect tan feathered one that was quite plump and was the perfect choice to cook as she would grab the ax and coax the chicken to follow her.

The chicken died swiftly all the same as she would then begin to work on the 'cleaning' of the chicken and first off was preparing the hot water to boil and throwing the headless chicken into it and as it soaked she would head over to work on picking up some fine vegetables for the meal. About thirty minutes later she would pluck the chicken out of the water, slightly scalding herself, and then clip the chicken with scissors as she cleared away the feathers and the orange'ish feet as she would then have the perfect thing of a chicken there as she would begin the cooking process with the vegetables as complimentary food.

She was almost finished today while the old man was eating she would hurry up and working on all the other stuff as she would then hope to almost be finished as she had done the cooking for dinner when that came along as well as the work on the other animal areas and the absolute knowledge of the other parts of the farm. It was coming up on dark and the cool breeze circled around and she would then work on finishing up the garden. Picking up vegetables of the peas, corn, carrots, asparagus, and green beans. She would then file them all outward to the other area's as she would then come inside to see him sitting on his bum.

Jojo was heavy with dirt and tired out as she would hold up a single hand, "Finished, Now I'll be going home. See to it that you get to the mission house and pay the village." With that the day was finished and she was going to go to bed at her home to sleep nicely and non-hauntingly. She was tired to the extreme and knew now that that mission was an endeavor of its own on her, until there was a slight burning on her neck now... "Why does this always happen right when I'm about to go to sleep!"
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Hm...first of all let's add those new things called Traits in this history is good except strike out the part about bankai. Actually I can't allow that bankai at all if you look at it from my point of view it's simply to strong. Ridiculously so. Your personality is conflicting so much. You don't want to fight, yet your shikia is mainly fighting style. Hm...after you do the traits and fix these small problems I will check the squads and find one suitable for you.

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