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Fighting Style

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Fighting Style Empty Fighting Style

Post by Jojo Kaguya on Tue Dec 27, 2011 2:35 am

Fighting styles range from different skill sets and rankings. Each being able to be increased with either points or word count training. The five mastery levels are: Beginner, Novice, Advanced, and Master.

Main Idea
  • Special Power: This is to determine strength of a special item you may wield or reiatsu power.
      Beginner: 0 - 33 (Start with 3)
      Novice: 34 - 66 (Start with 6)
      Advanced: 67 - 99 (Start with 9)
      Master: Inventor perk

  • Weapon Mastery: This focuses on the weapon whether it be a bow, sword, doll, or full bring. This will explain your knowledge with it and how well you may have mastered it.
      Beginner: A weapon is just that, a weapon.
      Novice: First Release of Weapon and you get ONE free technique.
      Advance: Secondary release is given.
      Master: Bezerker Perk

  • Speed/Agility:
      Master: Shihoen perk

  • Hand-to-hand:
      Beginner: You know how to fight but you are not very good.
      Novice: Your stance is stronger and your defenses can be formiddable.
      Advance: You can catch swords, deflect energy (cero, etc), and you are quite formidable to any one who stands in your way.
      Master: Jujutsu Perk

Different names following the same format as above for each race.:


      Hollow Powers:

      Special Items:
      Doll Prowess:
      Speed and Agility:

      Special Items:
      Full Bring Mastery:
      Speed and Agility:

    Viazard: To become a vizard you must have 3 acceptances for your chara app (One being the head admin)
      Kidou/Hollow Powers:

      Special Items:
      Agility and Speed:

Perks to which mastery gets you a special something

Special Power: You may become an inventor of special powers, items, etc. You also get a 25% discount to all previously and future accepted inventions.
    Inventor Status will be given.

Weapon Mastery: You are now the equivalent to Kenpachi Zaraki and you receive the berserker perk.
    Berserker Perk: All skills become beginner while this perk is active. Your strength and weaponry skills increase ten-fold and all pain you have or receive while in this state is non-existent.

Agility/Speed: You are now as fast as the Shihoen clan.
    Shihoen Perk: Your the fastest when it comes to Speed and agility. You are gifted with 5 more uses of the shunshin (or its equivelents) before the 3 post cool down.

Hand-to-hand: Master of the hand to hand skills. You are no a Jujutsu master.
    Jujutsu Perk: While this is active your weapon can not be drawn. However your punches, kicks, and other martial art manuevers can all break bones and even crush through walls so long as they are not 3 meters or thicker.


  • Once approved you must put your combination in a second post on your character app and be approved for that as well, afterwards it must be inside your profile signature.
  • Maximums of any of these are 1 mastery with 2 advanced and 1 Novice skill. This is as high as you can go and is put into place to instill order in the line of things.
  • You will be given a level/rank for what your character is. Each level/rank will supply you with what levels you may use into which style you choose.
  • If you wish to raise your class level, you will be tested on a mental and physical level. All in all, it will be two tests which the leader of your race, leader of your key group, or three leaders of different groups within your race will deem you worthy. You must have had an account for 4 weeks before expanding your class levels.
  • To gain rank: You must beat the person who holds the rank you want if you are new, if it is unclaimed then you must go through the character acceptance process like normal. If the rank is held and you have been here for three weeks or more you may challenge to enter that seating. If it is empty then you must rp out the permission asking process with three leaders, including the head leader of the race, for acceptances. The decision does not need to be unanimous.
    • Third Class: You are the lowest class and you are applicable to have etiher...
        1 Advanced and 3 Beginner Skills
        2 Novice and 2 Beginner Skills
        1 Novice and 3 Beginner Skills
        4 Beginner Skills

    • Second Class: You are getting power and a good amount of it. May grace bestow on you gracefully.
        2 Advanced and 2 Beginner Skills
        1 Advanced and 3 Beginner Skills
        3 Novice and 1 Beginner Skills
        2 Novice and 2 Beginner Skills
        1 Novice and 3 Beginner Skills
        4 Beginner Skills

    • First Class: You are the master and all powerful... No not really. You are just there to look cool.
        1 Master, 2 Advanced, 1 Novice Skills
        -- Anything in between works.
        1 Master and 3 Beginner Skills
        2 Advanced and 2 Novice Skills
        2 Advanced and 2 Beginner Skills
        1 Advanced and 3 Beginner Skills
        4 Novice Skills
        3 Novice and 1 Beginner Skills
        2 Novice and 2 Beginner Skills
        1 Novice and 3 Beginner Skills
        4 Beginner Skills
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