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Jin Kaza [not done]

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Jin Kaza [not done] Empty Jin Kaza [not done]

Post by Ryuu on Sat May 14, 2011 3:41 pm

Name: Jin Kazuma
Age: 160 looks 16
Gender: Male
Personality:Jin fights in a very reckless and a brawling style. He doesn't seem to have any restrain when fighting. Although, he dislikes going all out when it comes to a start of a battle, if he knows his opponent is strong he will fight in a more strategical way. When dealing with weaker enemies, Jin will push his opponent to the limit before brutally attempting to kill them. He has the sense of killing off the weaker ones since he feels that they will only infect the gene pool. He believes that only strong warriors should be bred and kept alive. Although, if he sees potential in the one he fights, he will let them live so that they will have the will to get stronger. Jin hopes that the warriors that are left alive, will one day come back and challenge him as a stronger foe. In a second fight with the same opponent, Jin will not hesitate to finish them off for not being able to defeat him with the second chance.

When Jin is facing against an opponent that may be stronger than him, he will not back down. Usually having the experience to tell apart from a stronger or weaker opponent, Jin will look at the stronger opponent as a chance for him to learn. Jin is very positive in his outlook, even though he is very reckless. He is nonetheless nonchalant with weaker or stronger opponents. This gives him the advantage of confidence, if not over-confidence.

Jin fights using mostly power and speed to his advantage. His great strength and reiatsu lets him cut through anything with ease. He feels that he is never strong enough and has to always get stronger. His style of fighting is always to win, and never lose. Jin is determined that he can always win and he will get stronger. He sees as power as the main factor of life. Jin believes that power will give him favor over others. Jin observes speed as the biggest support to his strength and power. He looks as them as the two deadliest combo and that he could defeat anyone if he can win them over with strength and sped.

Jin is never the one to back out to a fight. Fighting is like a job for him, for he sees only gaining experience from more fights. The more he fights, the more he craves for fighting. To him fighting is like a drug that will never end and that will only make him stronger. In the end, Jin is sure that he will become one of the strongest Shinigami.

Jin is probably weakest in kidou, for he sees kidou as useless. As long as Jin can train his reiatsu strong enough to break kidous, he knows that he can win. He sees kidou as a weak, and cowardly way to fight. Jin looks at real warriors, warriors that use their natural ways of fighting- strength, speed, intelligence, etc. In a way, he despises people who uses kidou and looks at them as weaklings. He looks at them as inferior to them.

Ex-Division:1st squad captain

Appearance:Jin has very soft black hair that seems so light it goes up by itself. His hair is messy and somewhat long, having bangs coming down the sides of his face. He also has short messy bangs that come down his forehead. Jin's hair is dark black, but seems to have a white tint to it. He also has thin eyebrows that seemed to angle a little downward. Accompanied with a constant small smirk on his face, it gives him a reckless and in a way, evil, persona.

Jin's has a very cut build, when wearing his normal Shinigami uniform, he looks very skinny due to the bagginess of the uniform. But once people see his naked body, they can see that he is very well-toned and seems to have been working on his body for a long time. Jin works out regularly and works hard to keep his body in a nice cut shape, so he does not get too ripped.

Jin has forearm guards that is also an attached glove. The forearm guard covers everything until the elbows. They are black, silver steel material with a red outline. There are platings on the back of his hand for the gloves and for the fingertips they are like claws. They extend about four inches out and two inches behind his actual fingers. Underneath the forearm/glove guard there any many scars from battles. Jin usually keeps his hands gauzed up to hide the scars. The scars are mainly from battling with other swords. Before he had gotten the black steel guards, Jin would use his reiatsu and his bare skin covered in a thin layer of guaze.

Jin wears a long sleeved Shinigami outfit, that covers his forearm, making it seem like he is wearing steel claw gloves. He has a red sash that ties the long robe and holds it together. He leaves the chest area open slightly, so that he doesn't get too hot. He also wears a chain that goes around his front and back. The chain connects his zanpaktou to his back.

Jin's zanpaktou is a custom designed sword, with a red hilt with black diamonds sewn going down it. It has a black sheath with a red outlining down the middle and around it. The blade is a darker steel color in its natural form. He carries his sword behind his back going vertical, slightly tilted to the side, but downwards. Jin's zanpaktou is in the theme of red because he is fond of the blood of battle.

Jin's presence seems very hyped up and energetic. When people come near him they feel like their guard is more up, because of the lack of trust that Jin gains. His method of doing things aren't always looked at as the best way to accomplish it.

Specialties:Zanpakutou Sealed Appearance:

Chi Akuryou, the Blood Demon, is Jin's Zanpakutou. It is a very decorative blade in its sealed appearence. It had a red hilt with golden sewings. The sewings create a diamond down the middle of the hilt. The guard and bottom of the hilt are also gold and is made of a strong material. The blade looks like a normal katana if anything and does not change its appearence in Shikai also. The blade itself is a black steel blade with red outlining. The red outlines the edges of the blade and the sharpened middle fo the blade.

Zanpakutou Release Appearance:

Chi Akuryou's appearence changes little when Shikai is released. It shows that the Zanpakutou Spirit was too strong to be fully sealed in the appearence of a normal blade. The proud and strong spirit of the Zanpakutou would not let himself be sealed and only to a certain extent. The blade's length becomes longer, and wider. It starts to bleed from invisible 'pores' of the blade. The blood is the all the blood Chi Akuryou has devoured from the milleniums of years. Chi Akuryou simply naturally bleeds and can create blood also. It just has an easier source in battle by eating other's blood and increasing its power exponentially.]

[In the Bankai release, Chi Akuryou takes on a very unique appearence. Chi Akuryou become a two-handed blade in the Bankai state. The Zanpakutou has stopped bleeding and blood is untraceable. It has a very unique design for the actual blade is first off curved. The blade is curved and sharpened for cutting purposes. The handle is covered in blood stained gauze and the handle is protected by a crescent moon shaped blade. The crescent shaped blade can be used for blocking and fighting. This is a very versatile weapon, since it also has a stabbing end on the opposite side of the blade. Coming down the handle, the end is like a spear, or pike's end. The two blades can be used in conjunction with each other and can be used for a very fluctuating and fast, graceful styel of fighting. But Jin uses this blade in a very reckless style and it becomes dangerous in such a mind.

Chi Akuryou's overall ability is to produce, consume, and manipulate blood. The blood's toxicity, density, viscosity, the physical state, weight, and the pressure are all a part of Chi Akuryou's manipulation. Although some of these specific attribute can only be manipulated through further training with the Zanpakutou. The blood produced by Chi Akuryou is a very heavily resistant and stronger blood than normal one. It does not have reiatsu in it, but can be put into to make attacks or what not. Basically, the blood will have acidic affects on anyone it touches in the beginning. The blood is able to read any reiatsu and so it doesn't burn depending on physicality, but either if there is reiatsu there or not. They will feel a sharp sting momentarily for each droplet of blood. This blood has the power to eat away at one's reiatsu, their reiatsu strength, and ultimately lower their reiatsu pressure. The blood will seem to have no effect in the beginning, making the opponent believe the blood is simply for show. But after getting one drop on them and after one post by the opponent, he will feel the effects. The effects will decrease the users reiatsu by fifty every post. This is only during the Shikai phase and if there are only drops and splashes on them. If they are drenched they will feel hundred of their reiatsu disappear each post. During the Shikai phase, the opponents Reiatsu Pressure and Strength will decrease both by 10% each post they make. In the Bankai state, these numbers will double. Making droplets and splashes take away hundred reiatsu each post, and drenched opponents will have two hundred reiatsu taken away each post. 20% of the opponent's reiatsu pressure and strength will also be eaten away each post.


Chi Akuryou's Bankai abilities are devastating. First of all, the Zanpakutou does not retain the same look. It's appearence is drastically changed as it becomes a double-bladed weapon. Becoming the twin hooks, Chi Akuryou is able to manipulate any of his blood. The acidic blood's concentration level can be exponentially upgraded so the blood can become much more deadlier. The acidic blood is not a Kidou based attack to what most people think. They are more or less counters for Kidou-like attacks, like Cero's and Balas. Since they will literally eat the reiatsu from any source, enough of the concentrated blood can fight against a strong cero if used in the right way. Jin's Bankai abilities become much more devastating as he gains vaster control of his Zanpakutou Spirit. This released state does not bleed, but it can exert blood from its blades.

Hollow Mask: Jin's mask is a small section on the corner of his eye that allows him to increase his speed and power.

Inner Hollow Info
Inner Hollow:

Skill Level: Hollow Powers:
Skill Level: Kidou:
Skill Level: Swordsmanship:
Skill Level: Shunpou:
Skill Level: Hand-to-hand:



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