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The Rules of the site

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The Rules of the site Empty The Rules of the site

Post by Admin on Sat May 14, 2011 1:24 pm

Rule One: Never argue with the staff, as they usually know what they are talking about.

Rule Two: While in the chatbox, respect moderators, as well as others. Please do not have open flame wars, as I can not stress enough how annoying it is to have to deal with. As long as we all get along, there should be no problems.

Rule Three: No Metagaming or godmodding. We want people in the roleplaying to feel as realistic as possible. So while you are in character, you can NOT use stuff you learned in the chat box, or by reading other messages. So basically keep your OOC knowledge out and make sure if your character doesn't know about something, then you act like you don't either. Capeesh?

Also, godmodding. This being the fact of saying "you missed every hit, and I didn't die from that other hit because of my power level." Basically, no Dragon Ball Z shit where one hit throws some one through building, causing them to crumble. Powers I understand, but punches and kicks, no. (Unless they are part of powers)

Rule Four: OOC posting in a topic is fine, but lets keep it to a minimum, huh guys? Anything not directly related to the roleplay should be discussed via pms or chat box interactions.

Rule Five: Mature Topics. Now there are certain times where you want to have a little sexual interaction, yes? Well this is all fine and dandy, but I have to request that anyone attempting this make it a closed topic or at least put in the title: "X-rated". You can be creative, as long as it gets the message across.

Rule Six: Do not post in any role-playing until your character application is posted and approved. Otherwise, your application will be denied and you will have to make another one.(Yes, it has to be different).

Rule Seven: If a topic says "Private" or "Closed" or anything like that, do not go posting in it. It's just irritating to have some one do that.

Rule Eight: Please keep advertising only to the section for it, as we do not need that in the pm's and CB.

Penalities to breaking rules
Once: Warning
Twice: 24-Hour Ban
Thrice: IP Ban

Credit goes to Altair

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